CCR_BrandingPresentation Mockup 4 V1-02.

Cigar City Restorations

Brand Identity Design

Cigar City Restorations offers professional marine & auto detailing, specializing in ceramic coating. Born in the pandemic, but rooted in historic Tampa/Ybor, they needed an industrial-retro identity that felt working class, yet polished. I chose a neutral condensed sans serif to carry the brand and customized it with spur-like serifs on the logo to add a bold-retro edge. Then I pulled inspiration from historic industrial typography to tie it all together.

CCR_BrandingPresentation V1-01.png
CCR_BrandingPresentation V1-03.png
CCR_BrandingPresentation V1-02.png
CCR_BrandingPresentation V1-04.png
CCR_BrandingPresentation V1-05.png
2021CCR-Business Card Social V1-01.png
2021CCR-Business Card Social V1-02.png
CCR_BrandingPresentation Business Cards
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CCR_BrandingPresentation Mockup 5 V1-cro
CCR_BrandingPresentation-SignageMockup V
CCR_BrandingPresentation Mockup 7 V1.jpg
CCR_BrandingPresentation Mockup 6 V1.jpg

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