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Siren Spring Soaps

Brand Identity Design, Packaging, Photography

A mother of 3 toddlers destroyed her hands during the pandemic after years of constant washing with commercial soaps — she knew she could do better. She started focusing on making quality, artisan soaps with natural ingredients and being transparent about what's in them. Siren Spring Soaps was founded.

Knowing that the basis of the brand was knowing what’s in your soap, making the ingredients transparent was a top priority for this package design. It was incorporated functionally into the sticker that seals the wrap, while the front provides an artisanal/handcrafted feel.

Every batch she makes is a unique design/fragrance so the identity design was about creating eclectic elements that fit together as a set. Contrasting flat geometric iconography with a custom, flowy monoweight script help amplify the diverse offerings she creates.

Siren Spring Soaps Logo Script
Siren Spring Soaps Logo Icon
Siren Spring Soaps Primary Logo
Siren Spring Soaps Monogram
2022SS_Jan - Website Case Study V1-05.png
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Siren Spring Soaps Packaging - Back
Siren Spring Soaps Stickers
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Siren Spring Soaps Business Cards
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Siren Spring Soaps Secondary Logo
Siren Spring Soaps Stickers 2
Siren Spring Soaps Stickers 3
Siren Spring Soaps Tote Bag
Siren Spring Soaps Badge
Siren Spring Soaps Packaging Script

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